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Last updated: 08/12/08

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Free West Wind Tools for Visual FoxPro

wwXML Class - exporting and importing XML for VFP
Want to get practical with XML in your application? Then check out this free class that converts VFP data and objects to and from XML. Class features many advanced features including data structure definitions, automatic cursor creation on imports and support for hierarchical object exports and imports. Also includes tools for directly querying ODBC data sources into XML output. Additional support for ADO compatible XML is also supported so you can easily convert between XML and ADO data. Note XML imports require the IE 5.0 XMLDOM parser. Free.

wwSOAP Class - a FoxPro SOAP client and Server
Want to use Web Services but want to stick to a pure FoxPro implementation without the SOAP Toolkit? Then check out wwSOAP which is a SOAP client that works with pure FoxPro code and provides a host of features beyond the SOAP toolkit, including the ability to parse many object types directly into FoxPro objects, deal with arrays and the ability to parse and create raw SOAP messages as necessary. The toolkit also includes functionality to build Web Services with any FoxPro based Web solution with plug in classes that can be used with any FoxPro Web implementation. Samples for Web Connection and ASP classic are provided. Free

wwPDF Class - printing VFP reports to Adobe Acrobat
This class and document describes how you can run VFP reports over the Web using Adobe Acrobat's PDFWriter software. The class wraps the logic of using the Adobe PDFWriter software for unattended operation. A complete article about how the class works is included in the zip file and online. Class supports Adobe Distiller, AmyUni, XFRX, and GhostScript. Free.

wwImaging Library -A few simple GDI+ Image functions
This library provides a handful of simple functions for manipulating images. Resizing, rotating, creating thumbnails and a routine to create CAPTCHA images are included. Uses a small DLL to provide the GDI+ interface and doesn't have any other external dependencies. Comes with source code for the C++ library. Free.

GetConstants - Grab TypeLib constants to header files
Have you ever wanted to have an easy way to access those COM constants that are so easily accessible in VBA via Intellisense? Like the ADO or MSXML or MSMQ constants that are used in all the MSDN samples, but never shown with their actual values? Well this simply utility lets export all of those constants into a single header (.h) file which you can then simply include into your programs to access those same constants in your code without Intellisense. Updated with a user interface. Free.

Active Directory and IISAdmin Component for VFP(12/27/97 - 20k)
Active Directory is a new Microsoft Operating System service that allows a common access interface to NT system components for resource and hardware mapping. Active Directory will be prominent feature of NT 5.0, but it's implemented today for programmatic administration of IIS 4.0 and Transaction Server. This file contains an article describing ActiveDirectory and the IISAdmin objects and a component to allow access ActiveDirectory from VFP. Public Domain (Free)