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West Wind Message Reader
Version 4.60

Download for Message Reader 4.60
NEW.GIF (147 bytes)(10/29/2004 6 megs - fully self contained install)

Check out the West Wind Offline Message Reader to participate in our Web forum using a rich user interface built with a Visual FoxPro application that retrieves content over the Web. With the viewer you can download messages and read and respond while offline. Create messages with markup more easily with the rich editing support and markup toolbars. The viewer also makes it much easier to track messages, see what's been read and what's new. In addition the Reader incorporates the West Wind, Fox and SQL Wikis into the UI providing a consolidated search interface.

If you visit the message board more than a couple of times a week you'll definitely benefit from the versatility this free application provides. And remember that message data gets stored locally in DBF files so you can archive and search this data as needed for reference.

Viewer features:

  • Quick file upload and download via HTTP connection. Downloading 200+ messages
    at 28.8k takes less than 1 minute
  • Message Download compression with ZIP file interface for fast data downloads.
  • Rich User interface combining a rich Web display with standard
    Windows controls and quick local data access to messages
  • View messages in fast text view or in graphical Web view just like
    they look online
  • Automatic message quoting with easy to read italic text
  • Easily see unread messages
  • Mark messages for follow-ups
  • Mark up messages with built-in HTML formatting shortcuts
  • Unread messages and threads are marked for easy identification when
    reading messages
  • Post messages with attachments and download attachments from the Web
  • Configure viewer with Vertical or Horizontal splitter bar
  • Upload and download messages unattended at scheduled intervals
  • Signatures for messages
  • Searching messages offline and online
  • Save messages for later reference and searching
  • And it's all pure Visual FoxPro code!
    Source code is provided as part of the Enterprise Edition of West WindWeb Connection.
  • Coming soon - full XML interface for data downloads with helper queries so you can integrate messages and searching into your own applications.

Here's an image of the main reader window, which shows the message list and individual messages. Messages can be viewed in HTML mode (default) or text mode for easy cut and paste of code and HTML.

wwreader.gif (29159 bytes)

Creating messages with the reader is also easy. A rich user interface allows creation of formatted HTML messages by using shortcut keys or the Format toolbar or menu. Text is optimized for displaying code as well as HTML text as part of messages to allow viewing technical information with code or HTML listings directly online. Messages can be previewed in Web view from the editor.

wwreader2.gif (12516 bytes)

When you're ready to go online to retrieve and send messages simply click on the Online toolbar button of the main form. The reader will go online and retrieve all the requested messages for the selected forums for you. You can also set up the reader to automatically download messages at set intervals.

Download Dialog   

The reader's a great tool for following discussions on the message board regardless whether you're connected to the Web all the time or not. Reading and composing messages in the viewer is much more intuitive than the online version making for a much richer and more efficient reading experience.

Check out the reader today!